Korva Voralius

Chief Chelaxian Diplomat


Korva is a tall, austere human woman in her late thirties. Her dark hair is highlighted with a few streaks of steel grey, but she otherwise shows very few signs of her age. She is cold in both demeanor and appearance, capable of politeness but preferring to remain emotionless and distant. She is a skilled planner and schemer whose natural cunning has propelled her to the top of her profession.

Korva favors wealth and class, so her clothing is always on the cutting edge of fashion and style, no matter the cost.


The Voralius family is one of oldest and most powerful in Cheliax, and Korva is perfectly positioned to take advantage of her clan’s influence. The numerous profitable deals Korva has brought into her country have helped her form several strong political alliances, with the goal is of eventually taking the Chelaxian throne from Queen Abrogail II. If she is the first diplomat to successfully open relations with Kyonin, it will be a remarkable boost to her reputation.

Korva Voralius

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