Korbin Bronzefist


Korbin Bronzefist is a dwarf that would make any dwarven parents proud. His eyes and beard are a grey-black that is nearly the color of coal, and he is as tall as he is stout. He owes his graces as a dwarf to his squarish and sturdy shape. It is because of this that Bronzefist is passionate about shape. He trims his big black beard with as much attention as a dwarf can and still be called a dwarf, taking care to make it symmetrical when he can, or vaguely sharp at all other times. He is also blessed among dwarves for being completely bald, a trait he attributes to his extra long beard. If asked, he’d likely tell you that the gods blessed him with a head full of beard, with a scalp perfect for wearing a helmet.

As a commander of a company of dwarves in charge of routing any threats to the tunnels, Breonzefist is usually seen in a variety of armors, most of them purpose based. As a pragmatic dwarf, Korbin believes very much in order and balance. When not heading off to defend his home, he is known to wear heavy leathers, often accompanied with a smock for cooking or crafting.


Korbin Bronzefist is a soldier first. Raised from birth to understand the role of soldiers as stalwart defenders, he takes his current job as tunnel scout very seriously. He is old enough to remember a time before all the tunnels leading to more dangerous areas were sealed, and has had to fight a handful of enemies even after that.

On the other hand, Bronzefist is also known to have an intense passion for food. He knows that a soldier is only as good as the feeling in the belly his beard rests on. He is truly a dwarven culinary master, in only the way a dwarf can be. Understanding the palatte and earthy disposition of his fellow dwarf, he is given to creating dishes that could charitably be called bland in some cultures, and atrocities in others.

It is this devotion to cooking in such a uniquely dwarven way that has gained Bronzefist an admiration among his dwarven fellows, for among them he is a king of cooking. They call him the Stone Chef, for his tendency to create culinary dishes that are not only perfect for soldier rations, but also feel like stone in your belly, a descriptor that is understandably a compliment for him.

Since the activity in the tunnels has died down, Bronzefist has become something of a cultural adviser to King Borogrim, mostly because so many see him as an epitome of what it means to be a simple and rock-steady dwarf. He does not disappoint in his duties, and regularly gives folksy wisdom to Borogrim when his more stately advisers cannot.

Korbin Bronzefist

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