Bright-eyed Elven Infant, Son of Lirimas


Koehal, whose name translates as ‘Harmony with the Earth’ is a ten-year old elven infant with soft brown hair, large innocent eyes, and a tendency to get into trouble whenever he can.


Koehal was born in the Stronghold of the Nine, and has lived among dwarves the entirety of his short life. He absolutely adores his dwarven ‘uncles’—who, in turn, spoil him ridiculously—and speaks their language as fluently and easily as his native elven. He has a particular fondness for Unca Girath, who sits tolerantly as Koehal climbs across his back and tugs at his rough beard.

Koehal lives with his father, Lirimas, and his mother, Belrotha, at the Stronghold of the Nine in the northern part of Five Kings mountain range.

It is believed that Koehal was kidnapped by the dark elf Lord Kestral, for unknown reasons.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing