Diplomat from the House of Sky


Kl!ck is a six-foot tall intelligent giant owl, one of his people’s diplomats to the nation of Kyonin. He is friendly and open-minded, but he often seems pompous and overly formal. He has a disconcerting habit of turning his head 180 degrees to talk to people behind him.


Many tens of thousands of years ago, the giant owls and the elves had a stong alliance, but their relationship faded over the years, and was broken almost entirely when the elves left this world behind. Over the last millennium, both groups have worked to rebuild this alliance. Currently, the giant owls provide reconnaissance and information to the elves in exchange for magic and specially constructed weaponry.

Aside from their pact with the elves, the giant owls are extremely isolationist and have no dealings with any other races or nations, not even for trading purposes.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing