Kimrack Duraag


Kimrack is young and his black beard is newly grown and somewhat wild, his round features are smooth and unmarred by hard labor as most dwarfs. His oddly green eyes sparkle with life and his full lips always have a word of kindness on them. He has recently started carrying a shortbow of his own design as a sign of his worship of his new god.


Kimrack is young by dwarf standards but not young enough to be called a child for he has a short beard on his still smooth face. Kimrack was raised by his father after his mother’s death and it was never easy, the boy’s father was harsh and he was never allowed much leeway. So he had to find ways to do things without his father finding out or on the few times it did would argue till he was red in the face and stomped away. So when the church of Erastil started up it spoke to some part of his soul, it would allow him to shirk his duties and live a simpler life. A life where laws didn’t matter and there was no need to yell or fight so he began to meet them in secret. However his father found out and tried to put a stop to it and he out right denied his father’s orders to return home. In short order he took up the preaching of his new faith and father and son have clashed more than once and quiet openly over their differences.

Kimrack Duraag

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