Kilgen Duraag


Kilgen has seen close to three hundred years of life and it shows, his face is covered in deep canyons of wrinkles and his dark eyes are sunken deep under his heavy white brows. His white beard is so long he has taken to tucking it into his belt several times to keep it from the ground. He is always seen sporting the signs of his office a massive gold plated hammer made to resemble a set of scales.


Kilgen is one of the main law givers under the mountain what others would call a judge or inquisitor and he has been doing it for quite some time. He is ruthless when prosecuting the word of the law and any who break clan laws and go before him had better worry. Kilgen’s wife died close to twenty years past from a illness that he felt was brought upon by Elves or Humans from the Stronghold of the Nine and left him to raise their son by himself. He didn’t do a poor job of it just didn’t do a great job, he was hardly there for his son and when he was he drilled the need to uphold laws and traditions into the boy which only served to drive a wedge between them. The boy could do no wrong of if he did punishment was harsh and quick. Since his son has turned to the teaching of Erastil things have become very tense around the aged dwarf and he is a seething pot ready to boil over.

Kilgen Duraag

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