Khristian Montain

Young mediator, stern but fair


Khristian is a young half-elf with his Keleshite father’s dark reddish brown hair and his elven mother’s warm green eyes. He bears signs of a rough past, however, and has a scar across his neck and is missing his right ear.

Adept 3 / Expert 2


Khristian settled in Sevenarches only a few years ago, but in that short amount of time he has overcome some of the local bias and has become well liked by many of the people. He never speaks of his past, only saying that had he not found Sarenrae’s light he would have been thrown into darkness. He has shown to be a good leader and mediator during the upheaval, but has stood his ground when needed. It was these attributes plus his devotion to Sarenrae that drew Mirrianna to him. She has approached him to act as her proxy and help her brother since she cannot stay in Sevenarches to help during the transition.

During the Sundering, Sevenarches was rocked by several major disasters, and Khristian became invaluable to Dekash as her second-in-command and assistant. At the same time, Khristian agreed to watch over Amika, the daughter of Coreena and the late Kyro. Khristian found it very difficult to balance both of these roles, but he found himself growing to the challenge.

Khristian was badly wounded when Daggermark attack Sevenarches, but he managed to escape with Amika to Erages.

Khristian Montain

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