Isandral Talorai

High Adviser to the Courtesans of Calistria


An imposing woman who has raven black hair that flows down to the small of her back. She stands 5’ 10” tall and weighs 112 lbs. She has a wicked scar that crosses her throat, something she tries to keep hidden in public venues. And her eyes are milky white, a side effect of being blind since birth.


Isandral was chosen to be a Divine Courtesan at the young age of 50. She was selected like any other young woman or man, but during her selection she manifested her first power in the service to Calistria, the ability to communicate with Calistria at will, receiving answers to questions and inquiries requested of the divine goddess. With this she was brought into the Courtesans of Calistria and taught all the things she would need to know in service to her goddess. As the years passed, Isandral was given more responsibility, including but not limited to the selection of new children for Calistria. This responsibility was the first step in what was being planned for her future. As the years passed the old Matron Mother was passing quickly into twilight, growing weary with the world and the losses she had endured. Isandral was called one night into the private study of her predecessor and given a choice to accept her destiny or be forever expelled from the organization. To Isandral this was a simple answer, and she gave it without any hesitation. Yes. And with that simple word her throat was cut. Over the centuries from that night a number of things have come to light as to what happened. First this was a ritualistic death, something each Matron Mother must undergo to become head of the house. Second that during her time in the afterlife Isandral was in the presence of Calistria, getting instructions or being told the price for failure none know. Finally they know that she was resurrected by the old Matron Mother who promptly fell dead after completing a resurrection ritual. Isandral has since been the Matron Mother and has lead the Courtesans of Calistria to great new heights within the realm.

Isandral Talorai

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