Idril Elendil

Revered Elder, Master Illusionist


6th level Illusionist / 3rd level Urban Druid / 4th level Mystic Theurge


Idril is an 875 year-old elf living within the city of Idara. She is godmother to Caladlon, and long-time friend of Phos. She occasionally acts as an adviser to Queen Telandia. Despite her age, Idril is far from conservative, believing strongly that Kyonin must develop deeper relations with the younger races in order to grow stronger. She is famously quoted as saying, “We must spread our roots across the nations before our crown can reach the sun.”

Idril was recalled to Sovyrian during the Sundering, although she did not remain there long. She was desperate to return to Golarion and aid the elves of Kyonin in their struggles, but since direct planar travel between the two worlds had been cut off, Idril willingly surrendered herself to the Green in order to be reincarnated. Her essence was channeled through the Life Web in ways that her mortal body could not be, and her spirit was reborn on Golarion in the form of a powerful and noble phoenix.

Idril Elendil

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