Indis Seregon


Indis Seregon is young by elven standards and barely entered her third century of life. Her pale skin is flawless and the color of fresh cream while her long strawberry blond hair cascades down her slender back side in a wild wave. Always clad in soft leathers dyed in various greens and browns she blends into her forest home quiet well.

After the Sundering stole her immortality, Indis’ appearance changed drastically. She now looks old and weathered, her blond hair gone while and her smooth skin creased. Her eyes are still bright and passionate, however, and she still retains a large measure of youthful energy.


When Indis was young her family hoped she would follow in their footsteps and master the arcane arts and take her place in the halls of Vor the Golden. But it was to be so for unlike others in her family she proved to be a very slow learner in the magical arts and after nearly a century she was able to cast only the most basic of spells. Frustrated at her lack of success the girl used gardening as a outlet and found she was good at it, more so than many others. As time passed she found her true calling to be in the forest as a walker of the green path so she turned her attention their and that is when she came to be noticed by the Conclave of the Green. However Indis is not a girl they would ever accept into their order for like her family she is hard set in the traditional old ways of her people and more than that she views all races not elven as being less than even the smallest of forest creatures. Content to go about her work in the forest she kept in touch with Var and his people but for the most part she prefers to stay in the forest hunting out its secrets, such as the Fury she has chased now for nearly half a century.
It was recently that she fell once more under the Conclaves notice when she was led to the young elven noble Amaras Edasseril who lay near a river his body burning up with fever and covered in badly tended wounds that looked like animal bites. Unable to move him far and unwilling to leave him she tended the man for four days doing all she could to lower his fever. When it finally broke and he was to speak she asked him about what happened, he refused to tell her no matter how she pressed him. He would only tell her it was a trail by the forest and he had passed but that would never be good enough for her. It was one more secret she was set to root out.

After the Sundering, most of the elders of the Conclave vanished, leaving only Indis and a handful of druids to take up the reins. She desperately searched for the wise Amaras to aid her, but he had gone missing. With no other choice, Indis became leader of the new Conclave, just in time to stand against a group of blight druids who attacked Kyonin from across Lake Encarthan.

Indis Seregon

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