Elven Traditionalist with a great deal of influence


Hialin is tall, almost skeletally thin, and extremely pale. His waist-length black hair only serves to further accentuate his paleness. He dresses exclusively in blacks, reds and grays, and his outfits are always severe in cut and harsh in design. His stuff posture and sneering expression highlight his arrogant demeanor.

Noble 2 / Spy 5 / Master Spy 9


Hialin is midway through his second millennium and has been an adviser to the lords of Kyonin for most of that time. He firmly believes in a hard-line isolationist stance and sees little use for the other races of Golarion. His hope is to lead the elven nation into a new age of prosperity, but he is angered by what he sees as his betrayal at the hands of younger elves who scorn his traditionalist stance. He fears that elven society is crumbling. Hialin has a great deal of power and influence, although he has been known to publicly disagree with Queen Telandia’s decisions on several occasions.

Hialin vanished during the Sundering, his mortal body pulled away to fabled Sovaryian. Although he was greatly agitated at first, he was quickly calmed by his friends and relations living in Sovaryian. It didn’t take him long to realize that a better, more peaceful life awaited him there, among the greatest achievements of his people. Although he still felt a great deal of loyalty and affection for Caladlon and his family, Hialin came to believe that more important duties awaited him in Sovyrian.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing