Hakim As-Sirat

Mighty Prophet of the Land of Nex


The sorcerer known as Hakim As-Sirat walked out of the mana-scorched wastelands of Nex two years ago, and set himself up as a prophet and messiah. No one knows where he came from or how he survived walking alone in the deserts of Nex, but few who have met him doubt his power. He claims to have walked uncontested out of the depths of the inescapable prison of Khulo, guided by divine visions that led him through the magical barriers and to the city of Quantium. Once there, he began to tell others what he saw in his visions, drawing a cadre of believers and acolytes to his side. When challenged by the other spellscasters of the city, he refused to face them in a spell duel, instead proclaiming that he “judged thier souls and found them wanting” and uttered dire and oddly specific prophecies about thier coming deaths. The magical community dismissed him as a crackpot after that…until his prophecies came disturbingly true only a few days later. Since then, a combination of fear and awe have made Hakim a very powerful figure within the city.

Hakim seems to own very little, and he has no specific home in Quantium, instead sleeping as an honored guest in the homes of his followers. Those who have met him tell stories of him, including tales of incredible magical healing, impossible conjurations and summonings, and powers far beyond the abilities of mortal spellcasters. Some refuse to believe the tales, but those who meet him come away with a strange certainty that they are true.

Recently, Hakim told his followers his visions have instructed him to walk to earth, and bring divine judgement to all he encountered. His followers have been preparing for this massive undertaking in recent weeks, metaphorically “clearing the road” for thier master to begin his great work.

Hakim As-Sirat

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