Gregory and Pim Teller

Gnome Wizard and Alchemist


Gregory is shorter than Pim, standing at 3 feet 1 inches, with a bald head and short brown beard. He has perfect vision, but chooses to wear glasses since his brother does so and everyone seems to think he is smarter because of it. Gregory has taken to wearing a cap he once saw a fancy bard wearing while performing in his small village. Gregory is focused in Alchemy.

Pim has light brown hair and stands slightly taller then Gregory, 3 feet 1 1/5 inches. His hair is short cut, but well-trimmed, he also has a short beard, sort of their trademark, and is as blind as a bat without his glasses. He is the mage and has become quite the crafter of magical items.


Gregory and Pim are twin brothers, born under the gnomish star of good luck. They are not identical twins(not even related if you believe the rumors) but they sell themselves that way. One is a skilled alchemist, and the other is an enchanter focusing on making magical items. So when Vanya offered them the chance to conduct some interesting research dropped everything and moved into Daggermark. The research they are conducting has something to do with negative energy and a means to counteract the effects of the drain associated with contact with items exhibiting this magical effect.

Gregory and Pim Teller

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