Girath Brokenshield

Gruff, Scarred Warrior


Girath’s traditionally handsome dwarven appearance is marred by a nasty scar running down the side of his head and across his face, twisting his lip into a permanent sneer. His coal-black hair is unkempt and his bristly beard is poorly groomed—both obvious signs that Girath cares little about his physical appearance.

Girath is a 2nd level Barbarian/5th level Fighter.


Girath was respected as a warrior, hunter, and leader, until a bulette hunting expedition through some old lava tunnels turned into a disaster and the men under his command were wiped out. His memories of the massacre are hazy and indistinct—he can recall some sort of fanged monster that rose up out of nowhere, an uncontrollable fear that left him rooted to the spot, and then waking up amongst the mangled corpses of his men, having been left for dead.

Although Girath has recovered well, he still bears the scars from that ill-fated expedition, along with a heavy burden of guilt. While he has managed to recover a degree of his reputation through success in other hunts, he still hopes to eventually set things right and deal with the monster that slaughtered his crew.

Girath does not enjoy speaking, and will respond to most questions and conversations with simple one-word replies or monosyllabic grunts. In battle, however, his demeanor completely changes, and he becomes loud, boisterous, and chatty. He is stubborn, grumpy, and taciturn, but he holds a special place in his heart for his elven friend Lirimas, and especially Lirimas’ infant son, Koehal.

Girath Brokenshield

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