Gillian Lutman

Half Sea-elf First Mate


Standing right at 5’ he is a well muscled and well tanned man in his late thirties, his head is kept shaved bear and his stern jaw is always locked in a scowl. His slight frame belays a great strength in the man and when roused to anger he can smash an ale barrel with a single blow.


Many would say he was born by the sea itself and more than one person has questioned if he doesn’t have some sort of half sea creature background. Many are far too smart to ask the man to his face though for more than one who has had a careless tongue found themselves beaten to a inch of their life. First mate aboard the Pirate Ship “Mourning Dawn” he has kept the crew in place with a iron fist for the captain who, in fact he has taken over many of the duties of the Captain of that strange ship. Known to do just about anything for money they were recently approached by a local gang in the city with knowledge of a passenger seeking to reach the Devil’s Elbow, Gillian has refused the request several times but began to wonder what man would want to make such a trip. On the last request he was seen in the Captains quarters that very night (the only time the Captain is ever seen) discussing the matter which ended in a very loud argument between the two and has left the crew wondering.

Gillian Lutman

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