Falvar Yurlode


Falvar is a squat dwarf with shiny gold hair that is so light it is almost silver in nature and is always combed and well cared for. His bear is kept trimmed short to avoid it blocking his books while reading, and he is always clad in soft flowing robes stylized with dragons of all kinds. Swooping, diving, dancing, singing or drinking. The small gold glasses he wears are his own design and bear several heavy enchantments and he likes to brag about them quite a bit, along with the collection of dragon scales he claims to have.


Falvar claims great pride in his last name which means Rune Citadel in dwarven. A pride which has earned him strange looks from many dwarfs, but many can’t deny his useful talents if they stink of magic. That is right Falvar is a dwarf sorcerer who claims his bloodline descended somewhere from Dragons and he is very proud of that fact and flaunts it when he can. A tiny bit annoying the man and his strangeness are accepted because of his amazing skill at forging magical items such as Beard Cuffs, bracers, rings and other small items. Falvar also has a strong desire to learn from other wizards and sorcerers but very few come through to the mountain city and he is terrified of leaving and going outside. He fears his not so strong constitution (for a dwarf) will make his prone to all sorts of evil humors.

Falvar Yurlode

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