Elensar Edasseril

Elf Inquisitor Noble


Elensar is tall like his father, over 6’ tall, but extremely skinny, only 125 lbs. He has pale white hair and violet eyes. This coupled with the gaunt features and pale flesh has made more than one outsider wonder if they are looking at a walking corpse. When in thought or sleep Elensar has no movement, still as the dead, and it is almost impossible to detect a heartbeat within his chest. This is all a result of the bargain made to save the life of his father.


Elensar is the first-born son of Caladlon Edasseril. Elensar did not enter this world in an easy manner. He was not only the first-born, but also the first child conceived after the gift of the forest saved the life of his father. Some portion of the magic stayed with him during the years following his recovery, and that part flowed into his first-born child. Death lingered over Elensar, and only the diligence of the clergy kept out the evil touch. The battle was not a complete success however, Elensar appears drawn and pale at times, and during sleep his countenance is that of a person who has just recently died a peaceful death. Such things lead him as a youngster to find solace in the gentle repose of those who have passes from the world with peace.
The years of childhood are a blur for the most part. Time spent in front of clergy and magicians who have attempted to remove the visages of death etched in his flesh left little room for playthings. In addition, the war with Treerazor keep both his father and mother away from the palace for long lengths of time. Nannies and servants raised him more than is family did in the first years of his life. People would try to make him feel better by crafting him a suit of amour fit for him perfectly that he could wear while exploring the palace grounds.
Eventually the time came when an education would be needed. As such Elensar was sent to some of the very best instructors that could be found, as elfish families only ever expected to have one child during the best of times, and Elensar needed to be instructed in a the manner of ruling a kingdom. The one he found the most to his liking, and as such paid the most attention to, was that of an aged judge in the elfish community. He explained that good and evil were ideals, and sometimes good men did evil, while evil men may sometimes act with nobility and honor. It was up to the man judging such people to determine if the actions of a day outweighed the behaviors of a lifetime. This was in direct opposition to the teachings of his mother, a paladin who fought to uphold the sanctity of good and the law. As such Elensar spent more and more time looking at the behaviors of people attempting to see the underlying reasons they did what they did, not just the results of actions. This led him to the path of an Inquisitor.
About this time his first sibling was born. A blessing for the house and all within, a second son to bear the name of his father. He protected and cared for his bother for years, teaching him the things he knew, and trying to ensure that a childhood could be enjoyed. As the years passed more responsibilities within the court called Elensar away from his brother and other siblings. He has spent the better part of his life acting as a judge for the elfish community, a task set upon him by his father, while his siblings have enjoyed the freedom of their positions in the line of succession. He tries to spend time with his siblings too understand them and hopefully they will understand him as well. Only recently has he learned of his father’s desire to have them all rule as a council, breaking away from the traditions of the past, and his need to be the voice of balance for his siblings.

Elensar Edasseril

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