Mysterious Progenitor of the Edasseril Line


The children of Caladlon have long suspected that there is more to their family’s legacy than they knew. But it wasn’t until they met their great-great-great-grandfather, the Lord Edasseril himself, that they began to learn the story of their ancestors.

Edasseril and his two brothers, Eldarniel and Avorthial, were responsible for shaping most of elven civilization and society on Golarion, particularly in the region where Kyonin now sits. Edasseril’s specialties were city-building and ruler-ship, while his brothers concerned themselves with matters more arcane in origin.

When the elves chose to leave Golarion behind and retire to Sovryian, Edasseril left this world first, to prepare the way for the elven refugees. He waited patiently for his brothers to join him, but fell into despair and rage when the elfgates to Golarion finally closed and neither one had managed to make it through.

Thousands of years later, Edasseril rules over the elven paradise of Sovryian with a grip that has grown tighter and tighter as the decades passed. He has become more and more lawful, even drawing the attention and patronage of a powerful Inevitable being of law and order.

His mania for order, however, may have left him blinded to the needs of his people. Edasseril refuses to believe the rumors that his brother Eldarniel succumbed to the Dark Fate, and cannot believe that there is any genuine threat from the dark elves. He has assumed control of Kyonin’s government so that he can ‘restore order’, a directive that makes a large number of elves very nervous indeed.



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