Dgan Bazlode


Dgan is 3’ 11” tall, with snow white hair, piercing blue eye. Dgan is at home in the wild and as such has little social manner or grace, preferring to be blunt and forthright in his behavior. He is not of noble blood and has no ties to any settlement. Dgan is only 47 years old


Dgan was raised in the mountains by his uncle. He learned the skills of a trapper and hunter from an early age, and managed to gain his first bear as an animal companion at the age of 14. His years in the wilds of the Five Kings Mountains has not granted him much peace however. Dgan’s uncle was the last of the wardens set by the kings of old to watch the hidden warrens and dark places of the mountains, a charge that Dgan has decided to take up following his uncles’ death. Dgan was one of the first to listen to Mirrianna preach the tenants of Erostil, and has become something of a acolyte in the past year.

Dgan Bazlode

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