Elven Assassin


Dekash is a fairly young elven woman, approximately 120 years old, who has been living from some time among the human-populated lands surrounding Kyonin. She has been labeled as one of the Forlorn by her elven family due to the extended period of time she has spent in the company of humans. At one time, Dekash would have been considered quite an exotically attractive woman, with her raven black hair and ice-white skin, but due to the actions of Elensar she has been disfigured by the dehydrating salt that Phos had created for them. Her skin is now pitted with warped scars, especially across her back and the left side of her face; the salt drew all the moisture from her flesh, almost killing her in the process. Her hair has been cut short to help with the healing process as the healers hired by Elensar attempt to rehydrate her skin with ointments and salves.


Dekash was in the employ of the Daggermark assassins guild for some time, seeking protection from the fungal cultists who were abducting elves for Risa. She has said little about her past during the healing process, which has been paid for by Elensar out of a sense of guilt for nearly ending her life; an act which was turned out to be ultimately futile, as the half-nymph Risa was able to escape anyway. Seeing this as a weakness to be capitalized on Dekash has insisted that Elensar assist in her recuperation and has been moved to Greengold for the duration of her recovery to be near him. Her motives are unclear at this time, but it is apparent that she has been able to manipulate her way into Elensar’s life.

Slowly, however, Dekash’s manipulations gave way to genuine respect for Elensar and for her forgotten elven heritage. She eventually officially petitioned Queen Telandia for Kyonin citizenship (the Queen graciously agreed) and moved with Elensar to assist him in his new position as overseer of Sevenarches.

Much later, when Queen Telandia recalled Elensar, asking him to serve as a commander in her armies, Dekash stayed behind and took on the responsibility of watching over Sevenarches. Unfortunately for her, Daggermark attacked Sevenarches after the events of the Sundering, and Dekash was slain while helping her people to escape.


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