Davril Trannyth


Davril if often found wearing the same old dirt encrusted leather armor he has always worn. His clothes are all dusty and must splattered at times where his long brown hair is unkempt and often snarled and knotted. A full beard hides his ruggedness of his weather beaten face and all one can see are his gray storm colored eyes which hold a great depth of sadness to them.


Davril Trannyth is a strange one in a strange land, born with the odd ability to see and hear the spirits of the dead he always suffered jeers and taunts of other children. It was no better when he got older for then he was shunned and called various names and chased from place to place. However he made it his goal in life to help find and lay to rest the restless dead and he has made good on that promise one night when he formed a pack with unknown forces that granted him mystical powers. For many long years traveling the river kingdoms he has found and laid to rest countless dead. Though there are times when he finds a spirit who he can’t lay to rest for one reason or another and on a occasion they have taken up with him. Thus he is followed a by a trio of ghosts, one is Grog a orc defiler who was never very bright in life and the same kept truth in death. Another is young girl names Shellring who was con artist and good till she was caught one night and brutally murdered. The last ghost that travels with him is a dwarf name Brom who never speaks much of his death and is more often than not quiet. With these three always him Dayril can never been taken off guard and can benefit from their wisdom or words at times.

Davril Trannyth

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