Darsaadi Goldendari


Darsaadi is average height for a gnome and does not look the role of a powerful underworld lord. Her strawberry blonde hair is often pulled up into elaborate styles and her small but curvy frame is covered in the newest fashions. Her slender face holds a petulant smile and her green eyes a inciting look but one should be careful for she is a master at manipulating people.


Darsaadi was born and raised in Daggermark where her mother and father were both members of the Assassins and Thieves Guild there in town. As such the young girl grew up among the members of those guilds and in her mind had a huge family. Well like by everyone her charming personality was sure to win over most people and she quickly followed in her parents footsteps learning the tricks of their trade. She never had much of a taste for killing but stealing was good thought she disliked the part about putting herself in danger. When she came of age she expressed her desire to try her hand at something else and her parents always willing to spoil her allowed her to make her own way into the world to see what she could do. After wandering for a number of years trying her hand various things she settled on smuggling as a choice of profession and made her way to Erages where she slowly and quietly began to cut a opening for herself in the underworld there. She quickly gained a great deal of respect from many there and in no time was setup as one of the major players in the city. She however has standards and refuses to deal in items such as people, narcotics or weapons. She does however specialize in getting stolen goods normally those taken from the elves or dwarfs out of the city and into the hands of those willing to pay for them.

Darsaadi Goldendari

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