Coreena is a half-elf who stands at 5’6 and has a thin but athletic frame. She has dark brown hair that is cut short and has brown eyes. She has what appear to be human tribal tattoos painted on her face.


Over twenty years ago Mirrianna found a wounded human man near her temple. Knowing that if she told anyone the man would more then likely be executed for penetrating Kyonin’s boarder, Mirrianna took him in and treated him. Though her prayers healed his wounds, it took a week of Mirrianna’s care to help him overcome a strange fever that had taken hold of him. He never revealed who he was and when asked why he was in Kyonin, he stated that he was tracking a very dangerous creature. Mirrianna tried to convince him that he must be mistaken as such a creature would have been noticed by Kyonin’s guardians. The man persisted however that the creature was still here in Kyonin’s woods and that it was his duty to see it destroyed. Though their time was brief, Mirrianna found the human to be much different then what all the other elves had told her. He was wise, kind, and very poetic. After he recovered, he left and Mirrianna has not heard of him or his mysterious prey since. He did leave one lasting bond however, their daughter Coreena.

Fearing what damage her half-human child would do to her father’s political influence, she left on what she said was a religious pilgrimage until Coreena came to term. After her birth, Mirrianna arranged for Coreena to be taken care of in a remote elven orphanage. Mirrianna attempted to visit Coreena as often as she could. Considering how elves view time however, these visits were infrequent at best.

Life was hard for Coreena as she became the target of scorn and abuse from the other elven children (until she quickly outgrew them). She soon began to sneak out and explore the surrounding wilderness. It was during this time that Coreena realized that she could hear the spirits of the forest. As she grew older Coreena taught herself to use a bow and to hunt to humiliate her elven peers. She would sneak into libraries and learn all she could about human culture and dreamed of exploring their kingdoms. She soon became a great hunter and began stalking more and more dangerous prey. Finally Coreena began probing the edges of the Tanglebriar and ambushing the creatures she found there.

Once Mirrianna heard about the outings to the Tanglebriar she confronted Coreena ordering her to cease before she got herself killed. Coreena however was getting tired of being swept away and treated like a child, and lashed out at her mother. Mirriann realized that she could not keep Coreena hidden much longer. She agreed to have Coreena accompany her and her family on their missions. She hoped that exposing Coreena to her family and the dangers they faced would help calm her rebellious youth. Also with the dark elf attacks becoming more frequent, Mirrianna knew that Coreena would be safer with her and her family.


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