Cassadon Relarth


Cassadon Relarth at the time of his death was a burly man with a wide chest and well developed muscles. His black hair was grown to just above shoulder length and left to fly free in the ocean breezes and would never have been considered handsome his nose had been broken and badly reset so many times it was nothing more than a lump on his face. His one eye now burns red with a hate for the living as most undead the other eye ripped out long ago in a sea battle that let his face scarred and torn on one side. Lastly his thick lips never smile anymore as he gains pleasure from nothing.


Cassadon Relarth was not always the dark creature of the night he has become, in fact he was very much alive at one point but as he has said before “Bad choices and dark deeds caught up to me at last.” Did indeed catch him. Cassadon was born in Riddleport to a little known woman and from an even littler known father but the one grace was his father was a crewman upon a ship. So when Cassadon came of age his father signed him onto the same ship to work and help provide for the family. He took the ships rigging like a monkey and in no time at all he was more at home onboard his ship then land itself, and as the years passed his skill at sailing grew and grew. He moved up the ranks of the ship from a simple hand to first mate of his father’s ship however Cassadon never seemed satisfied with the position he held and many new he yearned for a ship of his own. And a ship he would have one day but it would be a long time in the coming nearly fifty years from the day of his birth and it would change his life forever more.

It was warm summer eve when the ship was hired to carry man from the Pathfinder Society, the man was looking for some legendary island that apparently no one could find. The captain laughed and took the man’s money for what was easier then sailing around in circles and being paid for it? If only things were so easy, they set sail and indeed for a time they found nothing but their guest had a map that he said he got from a old sailor in some dock side tavern. Sure enough the map led them to the hidden island and along with the captain and 12 other crew members Cassadon and their guest made landfall. The Island was like nothing they had ever seen before, it had environments form all over the world, tropical plants lived beside frozen snowfields or scorching hot deserts. They found a path that led them into a deep cave where they stumbled on strange old woman sitting upon a throne of gold that was surrounded by treasures of all kinds. She looked upon them and in a cackling mad voice proclaimed “So you have come for my treasures have you? Pillage it as you have done so many others will you? I think not!” with that she waved her hand and a dark energy blasted out of it slamming into the crew. “Pay you shall for all your sins!!! No more will men of the sea you be!!”. Whatever she did to them the men never knew for they fled from the island but before they reached the beach they set upon each other like beasts driven by some uncontrollable hunger. Those that drank the blood of their fellows underwent a transformation and rose from the dead as vampires. Stranded on the island unable to leave they explored the place and that is where Cassadon discovered a sarcophagus carved from onyx and inlaid with blood red marble, in time he discovered that by rest in it he would become immune to the effects of moving water however as he learned later on once you used it the person could never walk upon dry land again. It is unknown how he came to escape the island or where he gained control of the ship he now owns, but what is know is that his crew will take on any job if the money is right and he is never by many aboard the ship his first mate often doing everything for him. His ships name is well earned “Dawns Mourning” for its captain will forever mourn the fact he will never see the dawn again.

Cassadon Relarth

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