Caladlon Edasseril

Noble Lord, Brother to the Queen


Caladlon is a solemn, sober man who rarely smiles. Most who meet him would describe him as cold and emotionless, though in truth Caladlon is simply very reserved and guarded, not easily willing to share his feelings. His duty and responsibility are heavy burdens, but he carries them with dignity and honor. He is remarkably large for an elf, both broad and tall, with powerful, sinewy muscles. His complexion and appearance have, over the years, come to strongly resemble the lands over which he watches. He has dark, earthy skin with long pale green hair and gleaming brown eyes.

Druid 3 / Ranger 3 / Nature Warden 10


For roughly 1400 years, the demon called Treerazer has lurked in the southern half of the Fireani Forest, his malignant influence warping and corrupting the natural order. Although the elves of Kyonin have clashed with Treerazer on numerous occasions, they have not yet mustered the strength to strike him down once and for all.

Caladlon is a noble lord, brother to Queen Telandia Edasseril, whose domain sits along the edge of the Tanglebriar, Treerazer’s twisted domain. His duty is to watch over and protect Kyonin’s borders, not only from the demonic threats of Treerazer’s minions, but from threats outside the forest, including barbarians from the south and subhuman monsters from the east.

Many years ago, Caladlon was badly wounded during one of Treerazer’s periodic incursions. As he lay dying, he called out to the great nature spirit of the forest, pleading for his life. The forest responded with a tremendous blessing, demanding a harsh price in return. Caladlon would live, and be given more vitality than any other member of his race, but he would suffer in time from great loss and tragedy.

Caladlon Edasseril

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