Quick-witted Urchin


Cade is a young human man with bright, intelligent eyes and long, dirty blond hair kept tied in a ponytail. He is lean and slight of frame due to years of malnutrition, but remarkably quick and nimble.

Cade is a fifth-level Rogue with the Scout archetype.


Cade, an orphan, grew up on the streets of Daggermark. As he was always small and scrawny, Cade learned early on to survive by his wits, a good-hearted young man who used what few resources he could gather to help other lost street children.

Cade disappeared, and was presumed dead, a short time after his marriage to Jaylinn. He reemerged after the events of the Sundering, helping a small group of people to escape Sevenarches after it was attacked by Daggermark. He became friends with Khristian Montain, and the two were last seen together in Erages.


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