Bulah Segrin

Dwarf businesswoman and matriarch


Bulah stands at 4’1 and has long dark brown hair that is usually worn in a pony tail. She dresses in simple but expensive clothes and is covered in fine jewelry. Her face shows some wrinkles of age and has dark penetrating eyes.


Bulah started with nothing and now is the ruling matriarch of one of the most profitable clans in The Five Kings Mountains. Clan Segrin owns several profitable Dwarven shops and taverns and is one of the best deep mining clans in the kingdom. Bulah cares only about profit and hates the current political strife occurring within the kingdom seeing it as bad for business. She has gone so far as to actually martially enforce neutrality within her clan ranks. Though few know it, Bulah is actually a very skilled alchemist and several of her concoctions have made way into both the drinks at her taverns and the explosives in her mines.

Bulah Segrin

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