Brilliant Elven Jewller, Wife to Lirimas


Belrotha is an exotically beautiful elven woman, with long, vibrant hair and pale, creamy skin. She is as striking and unusual as her husband is plain and drab.

Belrotha is an 8th level Bard.


Belrotha spent many years traveling with her husband, Lirimas, before finally convincing him to settle down so that they could raise a family together. Her infant son, Koehal, is the apple of her eye. The last ten years, as she’s watched fearless little Koehal grow up surrounded by the myriad dwarven ‘uncles’ who have adopted him, has been the most wonderful time of her long life.

When not spending time with her husband and son, Belrotha crafts some remarkable magical jewellery, blending elven and dwarven crafting styles in a unique manner.

Belrotha was recently killed by a Duegar captain disguised as Girath Brokenshield, acting under the orders of the dark elf Lord Kestral.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing