Beloril Kildar


Beloril is a very devout woman, spending all her time in prayer and spiritual meditation. Short of stature, only 3’ 2” tall, she has frequently been the subject of jokes and harassment, often times others will joke that her father must have been a Halfling. Still extremely young, 35, she has a very strong connection to Torag and is a common fixture at a number of ceremonies that require the blessing of the dwarven god. One of the very strange things about Beloril is that she has no facial hair and keeps her brown hair in dreadlocks.


Beloril Kildar’s mother and father were master craftsmen, one specializing in weapons and the other in shields. She grew up in Rolgrimmdur and was being groomed for a life of military service when she received her calling to the life of duty to Torag. She has been touched by Torag and can shape metal with simple thought instead of hours of work at the forge. As such she has been collected by the clergy and is being trained at Larrad to be a future member of the church. She has grown disillusioned with some of the ways the church has been behaving as of late, and with the assassination attempt on King Borogrim she has been looking for answers as to why the church has not responded with help.

Metal Oracle 5 (curse of Tongues – Language Terran)

Beloril Kildar

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