Barbir Vongyth


Barbir is 6’ 9” tall and weighs in at 350 lbs. He has numerous wounds that never seem to heal yet they do not appear to bother him.


The Hobgoblin ruler of several bands of goblins, orcs, and bugbears in the Five Kings Mountains. He makes his lair at the warrens, a group of tunnels and caves that have been largely forgotten by the dwarves due to the internal struggles they have had over the past thousand years. He is the offspring of a hobgoblin and a succubus, and that fiendish union seems to have granted Barbir an extremely long lifespan. The only dwarf to see Barbir and live to tell about him has been Dgan Bazlode, yet all think it is but the ravings of a dwarf too long away from civilization.

Barbir assaulted Highhelm with a force of roughly 4,000 orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins, although his army was soundly routed due to the sharp leadership skills of Borogrim the Hale, and the assistance of the noble elven Council of Nine. Barbir was personally defeated by the elves, who disintegrated his corpse so that he might not ever rise up against them.

Shortly after the Sundering, Treerazer used grim and terrible magics to call up Barbir’s spirit from the Abyss. Treerazer imbued Barbir with a significant measure of his power, granting him the horrid Blackaxe and making him general over his armies.

Barbir Vongyth

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