Baelin Maerneas

Seneschal to the Circle of Nine


Baelin Maerneas was born in 4522 to a low-ranking noble family in the Elven realm of Kyonin. An intelligent and good-natured child, he was fascinated by the grandeur of the Elven Court and the sprawling natural beauty of Kyonin itself. While he never excelled in the martial training that he received, he was well liked by his tutors and found that studies came easy to him. He learned all he could of history, sciences, magical theory and languages. In time, he found a position as a chamberlain in the house of Caladlon Edasseril.

For many decades, Baelin made himself an ubiquitous but discreet presence throughout the estate. He took it upon himself to learn every function and aspect of the palace that he could, and to be able to perform every job that was done, no matter how menial. As he grew in responsibility, he was able to pass those skills on to others, maintaining a high level of efficiency and productivity in every area. He especially prided himself on being able to anticipate the needs of the Edasseril family, and as he grew to know them he learned to plan two steps ahead to anticipate what each person might want or need.

Baelin is known for his ability to remain completely calm and unflappable in any situation. No matter what he is faced with, he remains level-headed and unfailingly polite. He is always courteous and deferential to noble visitors and guests, and has a remarkable memory for birthdays, anniversaries and historic occasions. In addition, Baelin is respected for his absolute discretion and reliability on sensitive matters, from national secrets and confidential information, to personal or private matters between the residents of Valethi.

Recently, Palanon Edasseril was left alone to manage the affairs of state and home without the support of his siblings. Given his mental state, he was quickly overwhelmed with the constant flurry of decisions to be made, messages to be answered, requests from courtiers and other burdens normally spread out among the Edasseril siblings. Seeing his master floundering, Baelin quietly and almost invisibly stepped in to help with the administration, using his knowledge and experience to remove much of the burden from Palanon. When Palanon discovered what Baelin had been doing, he named him Seneschal on the spot. When the Edasseril siblings gathered again in Valethi, they unanimously agreed with Palanon’s decision, and Caladlon himself applauded their wisdom. Baelin was humbled and honored by the promotion, and is more determined than ever to prove himself a loyal retainer to the Edasseril family.

Baelin Maerneas

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