Authiel Edasseril

Vanyas' daughter


Authiel has grown in the time that Vanya has been trapped in the world beneath Galarion. In that time, Authiel seems to have aged at least ten years, and has gained skills and ailities that rival the best of the elven rangers. Vanya is very tight lipped about how this may have occured or what the implications are for the future.


This beautiful healthy baby girl is the newest addition to the Edasserial Family. She was born to Vanya Edasseril 9 months after the assault by Treerazor on Sunder Point, just before the family ventured into the undead city of Neviodunum. Authiel is a very lively baby, quickly adapting to her surroundings and is currently the light of Vanya’s life. Vanya is anxious about the safety of her newborn and has mentioned the birth to only a select few of her family. Vanya used magic and deception to keep the fact that she was pregnant from her siblings. Now that Authiel is a year old Vanya has had second thoughts about keeping her daughters existance from them.

Vanya has been tightlipped about who the father is, but all indications point to Ari being the Authiels’ father, as he was seen with Vanya in Daggermark immediately following her return from the defense of Sunder Point.

During the chaos following the Sundering, the Champions of the Moon took Authiel to live with Brightglade, where she was safely isolated from the dangers that threatened Kyonin.

Authiel Edasseril

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