Ari Firdre’Lian


Standing at 6’3” tall he is one of the tallest elves present at the royal court of Kyonin. With raven dark hair and a deep tan color to his skin his heritage is sometimes forgotten, being the grandchild of one traitor who attempted to usurp the throne, as he has been a constant fixture in the court for the past 200 years.


In ages past his line was tainted with the blood of a Rakshasa and that taint has carried down his line, sometimes providing magical prowess to touched heirs from time to time, which led to an ill-fated attempt at overthrowing the rightful rulers of Kyonin many hundreds of years ago. He is the last of his line, and happens to be free of the taint that has plagued his family. During Vanya’s time at court Ari had taken quite an interest in her and over time fell in love with the young courtesan. His duties at court prevented him from leaving, as he had risen to a higher status during his time at court (he had been granted a small villa overlooking the eastern border near the five kings mountains), but he had often sent her letters expressing his love and undying devotion to her. Seeing as how he had status and wealth, Vanya began replying to his letters, in hopes of establishing a relationship between the two of them.

Ari’s devotion to Vanya was strong enough that he gave up much of his courtly responsibility to follow her around the world. He spent months laboriously training to protect her, and strove to be a loyal bodyguard and dedicated lover.

But Ari’s time with the Council of Nine was difficult. It often seemed that Vanya was distant, and that his feelings for her were not reciprocated with the same strength. While most of Vanya’s siblings treated Ari well, or at least with simple indifference, he developed a rivalry with her brother Navarre that was, at times, quite bitter. But it was after the events of the Sundering, when Ari found himself trapped in the Darklands with Vanya and her siblings, that things truly began to turn bad…

Ari Firdre’Lian

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