Amrune Laraiel

Caladlon's Military Advisor, The Undying Wolf


Amrune is a young elven woman, slight in stature yet powerfully built. She has gray and white hair that resembles the pelt of a wolf. Her exquisitely tailored leather armor is made from supple wolf hide, and an abstract tattoo on the left side of her face incorporates the Sylvan character for ‘wolf’. She wears no jewelery, but is never seen without her bright yellow scarf, usually worn as a belt or sash.


Amrune’s youthful appearance is deceptive. Her pursuit of the Brightness and her unique ties with the natural order have taught her the secrets of reincarnation, along with the knowledge of how to retain her memories and personality through each of her lives. As such, Amrune has lived several times, showing a specific preference for reincarnating in the form of a wolf. She is remarkably wise and has an impeccable understanding of military discipline and tactics.

It is rumored that Amrune has long been in love with her lord Caladlon. She refuses to speak of the matter.

During the Sundering, Amrune was not spirited away to Sovryian like other elves of her age. Thanks to her continual cycle of reincarnation, her life force was still vital and tied to the world of Golarion. As chaos spread throughout Kyonin, Amrune and Elensar took command of the elven military and held the nation’s borders against both Treerazer and Razmir.

Amrune Laraiel

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