Not terribly frightening "Dark Lord"


Amon is short, even for a gnome, and not very impressive. He’s roughly middle-aged, paunchy, and mostly bald aside from tufts of wild white hair just above his ears. He prefers to disguise himself with illusion as much as possible; most recently he has been adopting the persona of a blond-haired elven noble.

Illusionist 2 / Druid 2


Although Amon’s spellcasting leaves much to be desired and his ethics are generally questionable, he is arguably the world’s foremost expert on hallucinogenic and psychotropic plant life. He has recently taken up the study of seerbloom, which grows best at higher altitudes. He has been trading the fruits of his research with the dwarves of Highhelm, who have used his work to produce Seerbloom Ale.

His researches have taken Amon down a strange path. Although he started his career as an Illusionist, his extended studies of nature have led him in a more druidic direction. He is currently working with the awakened tree Thostyli to improve irrigation throughout the Sevenarches region.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing