Ainariël Míriel


Ainariël Míriel stands quite tall: nearly six and half feet, and she would be taller if her back were not so curved and hunched over at her narrow shoulders. Her slimy-looking skin falls between a slight shade of blue and green where her long lank hair is more greenish in appearance. Small black eyes perch above a long wickedly curved nose and her long spindly arms end in overly large hands capped in wicked claws. Always dressed in somber colors, she is never without her magical seed pouch or watering can.

Seed Pouch of Growth – The seed pouch is enchanted with the Summon Monster Spell. The owner needs only to reach inside and then can pull forth a handful of seeds which they can throw out up to 20 feet away. When water is splashed over them they instantly grown into full size specimens of whatever plant creature the summoner wishes to call forth. The number of creatures called forth is based on the Monster Summoning Spell used.

Watering Can of Endless Water – Nothing more than a decanter of endless water with one simple change: the wielder can as a move action spray the water over any planted seeds in range.


The Devils Gardener, The Green Lady, Ainariël Míriel: whatever the name applied it would never lessen the evil of this creature’s twisted heart. With many names Ainariël had as many stories of her origins, one states she was a powerful druid corrupted by Treerazer, another she was a dryad corrupted by evil…one simply could pick the story the best suited their fancy. No matter where she came from or what she had been the truth of the matter was that Ainariël Miriel was strong force of evil. The withered old hag had a strong love for all forms of shambling mounds or carnivorous and sentient plant life, so much so that she carried a magical seed bag from which she could pull and plant a seed to raise any form of plant creature she wished. Little was known about the magic of the bag save that she could plant a seed on any group and then use her enchanted watering can upon it and in seconds a fully grown specimen of whatever seed she chose would spring to life.

A favored tactic of hers was to seed a known battle field with her ‘children’, as she called them, and when battle was in full swing use her watering can to bring a army of plant monsters up under her foes’ feet. However, Ainariël was fated to meet her end at the hands of the elven sorcerer Tove at the Battle of Weeping Creek. On that day the two engaged in a titanic battle that in the end would leave Tove exhausted and injured but standing triumphal over The Green Hag’s torn body. Many long years passed in peace but in the most recent decade the scouts and guards near the Tanglebriar have reported a dramatic increase in deadly plant creatures one more. A few reports even speak of seeing a shadowy figure moving around the forest planting seeds…could the Green Hag be back once more? Only time will tell.

Ainariël Míriel

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