Agrim Garfik


Agrim is 87 years old, with blond hair, green eyes and stands about 4’ 3” tall. He is boastful and arrogant, believing that his role in dwarfish society is vital to the growth of his people. He is often seen in the company of both King Borogrim and his court.


Agrim is a cleric of Torag and has been so since before he could grow his beard. He is deeply religious and believes that the current religious turmoil is yet another test by Torag to weed out the faithful so that the true believers may keep the mountains while the rest run off into the forests. In recent months his stance on the church of Erostil has turned from one of quite contempt to open hostility. He firmly believes that the church has stolen an artifact of significance from Torag and he wants it back.

Agrim Garfik

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