Aerodus Charthagnion

Chelaxian Hellknight and Ranking Commander within the Eternal Legion


Although Aerodus is a half-elf, he can easily pass for human, especially when his slightly pointed ears are covered. He is an older man, and the remains of his hair are grey where they cluster around the edges of his scalp. His face is scarred and his nose has been broken many times, but he nevertheless manages to maintain an aura of dignified professionalism.

He typically wears a gold and blue tabard embroidered with the insignia of the Eternal Legion over his blackened iron Hellknight plate.


Aerodus is a dedicated, grim soldier, loyal to his men and the code of honorable war. Since joining the Eternal Legion, he’s spent several years fighting against the hordes from the Worldwound. He was reluctant to accompany Korva on her mission to Kyonin, but is nevertheless committed to his role.

Aerodus Charthagnion

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