Legacy of the Forlorn

Warm Reflections

Journal of Lor’Athorn Edasseril
Entry the Sixth

No Alchemical Breakthroughs.

It has been the most difficult to write this entry. I have had to go over the previous ones, hopeful that I could make more sense of recent events, or to see what might have been done better. However, time and thought have soothed my recollection of the transpiring. Ultimately, we did only as well as we could have expected to do, and we have only to learn from it. I recall an elven proverb my tutors used to repeat. “A lesson learned easily is easily forgotten.”

So has this stuck in my mind.

Lady Smilos had given us the location of a local cultist temple. Though our plan was initially one of infiltration and attack, we managed to outsmart the dense cultists into taking us directly to Risa. The credit for that goes to Palanon and Mirrianna, and their clever wit did us well. Those of us who hid, followed, while Palanon, Mirrianna, and Amaras (sans Nilsha) were in the care of these fungal cultists.

I cannot say what they must have spoken of, but I am told that Palanon himself was close to converting them, which fascinates me. I may tire of Palanon’s words, but his mind is an impressive thing when he applies himself. On the matter of the fungal cultists, I find them interesting as well, though repugnant. Their relationship with plants and fungus is parasitic as opposed to the symbiotic one elves share with nature. However, while some races are the parasite upon nature, nature in this case is corrupted as a parasite on these humans. Neither concept is acceptable, but the corruption of nature is particularly loathsome.

We eventually came to their lair, after much walking. The whole thing was build on the side of a volcano, something I didn’t expect for fungal worshipers. I don’t imagine the dry heat did anything for their preferred affliction, but it must have had to do with the elf gate within. We were led to the entrance, as the stealthy among us attempted to catch them by surprise. Palanon wisely spotted a trap inside of the cave, and a dispute arose between the captors and the captives.

Before too long, a heated melee ensued, in which we defeated the cultists soundly. Elensar had shown a bit more of his special brand of justice, which seems more fitting for Daggermark than for Greengold. His coarse actions allowed us to cross the trap unharmed, saving us valuable time and resources, so I cannot vituperate him too harshly.

Trekking further into the volcano, we came upon the caldera, in which the elf gate and walkway were built. Several more menacing thugs, and Risa, were preparing to remove Dekash’s ear, for a ritual we later learned would take Risa away from us. Where she had intended to go was a mystery even now… but we all have our guesses.

No effort was spared in our attempt to free Dekash from Risa’s clutches. I did my best to distract Dekash as the others attempted to push through the thuggish blockade. The others did their part, employing every tactic available to them. Neither my work of illusion nor the finesse and strength of my siblings was enough, however. Palanon, for his part, discovered some interesting magical affinity within him, and was an impressive force on the battlefield, having found some profound function of Phos’ Wand that I don’t think even Phos had realized. It was amazing.

And yet, our actions were largely futile. The fighting, shoving, magicking, and swarming that proceeded were but a blur of action and desperation. Eventually, Dekash and Risa went over the edge of one of the walkways, and had apparently moved right through the portal that had been placed at such a strange and imprudently esoteric location.

We had feared the worst. We would later learn that Dekash had been transported safely. Though we cannot know for sure what happened to Risa, we can at least be sure that she has been set back, if nothing else. Her allegiance is apparently to the sworn enemy of Treerazer, a fungal demon lord that had originally banished Treerazer here so long ago. I cannot know if this bears good tidings, but it does merit more investigation.

Elensar and Dekash now live together. It is an arrangement that I cannot fathom. Something about reparations, but it does not seem that either of them could potentially stand the other. This having been said, I understand the rules of attraction less than I do the secrets of magic, so I suppose I cannot blithely comment. We have since settled into the home I have rented, and we busy ourselves with crafting. It helps me to think, as I imagine it does Navarre and Mirrianna.

And so, it was not all a loss. We avoided calamity, but the heaviest defeat was in the lack of gathered information. I fear we know mere details of what is to come, and I would prefer to prepare myself more thoroughly than to simply while away my times in an alchemist shop, minding a half-genius and his dangerous creation. I hope Yuelral will help deliver me from this myopia. My current fear is the dissolution of our fraternal band. I can only hope that our bond is at least the one certainty on which I can rely.



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