Legacy of the Forlorn

Temple of the Spider


It has taken us days to leave the Lake of Black Blood and the beast that calls it home. It hounded us for days after leaving the edge of the lake, looking for easy prey would be my guess, and eventually it stopped chasing us. My little band, as for all intents and purposes, it is my band as we have found that the society is matriarchal instead of patriarchal. I have to be the leader, the voice of the group and the one the dark elves looked to for guidance and strength. I knew from prior dealings that any sign of weakness would be seen as an opportunity and that I would be killed for that weakness, so I acted accordingly. Every order I gave and result needed to be harsh and unjust if seen in public, and as such I think my siblings and Ari started to see me in a different light. I was only doing what I must to ensure that we all survived this realm, but I think they saw it as what I truly am, without the bonds of civilized culture holding me back.

Along our journey we encounter an outpost of sorts, one that appeared to be little more than a group of huts and farms, with a temple in the center. Seeing this as an opportunity, and having the guild confirm my suspicions, failing to acquire the village would be seen as a sign of weakness and would lead to our ultimate demise, so I did what I needed to do.

Marching into the village, as if it was already mine, I had our guide announce that all those now living in the village were subject to the rule of house Edasseril. The commoners seemed to take this in stride, accepting it as fact, while some trumped up official tried to stop us, no sooner had he said we had no authority then I motioned for him to be slain, which was done with quick efficiency by Navarre. Moving though our newly conquered village, it became apparent that death was a way of life for those here. Moving toward the temple, we were greeted by the priests of some daemon god and offered respite within the walls of the chapel. Seeing no way to avoid tipping our hand, I walked in, fully expecting the others to follow, as befits a person of my rank.

Upon entering the chapel, we were greeted by the leader of this cult, and his acolytes. We were offered drink, and we all accepted but did not drink, since it could have very well been poisoned. We bantered back and forth for a few minutes, with the priest demanding to know on who’s authority we conquered the village, and in an attempt to banter names, I used the only person of authority I knew of in dark elf society, that of Lord Kestral. The blank look that I received when I mentioned the name tipped my hand, as I knew that I had made a grave mistake, the name meant nothing outside his group, and now we had to fight.

I had anticipated a quick fight if one broke out, seeing as how the acolytes and the priest were all old and looked malnourished. Yet once the fight started, the head priest changed, turning into some bloated monstrosity with what appeared to be brains sitting in abscesses on its body. The fight did not last long, as our attacks quickly overpowered the acolytes and the head priest, now a creature that resembled a giant fly, was all that remained. The magic it wielded was impressive, yet the combined forces of our family managed to dispatch the monster without much problem. It was only after the fight that I realized that we were being watched from the darkness. I had not mentioned it to my siblings at the time, and I am not overly comfortable mentioning it now, but I feel that it may be important. A large black wasp looking creature was watching the conflict from the rafters. I felt no malice from the creature, and the thing came down close to me, I felt a strange sense of comfort from the creature like everything would be ok, then it left vanishing into the darkness.

Seeing as how the village would now be without even the rudimentary protections of this cult, I decided that no person would be allowed to stay in the village once we left, they would all need to follow us on our journey to the city. There were those that refused, those that wanted to stay, and I allowed them to. Only not in the way they intended I would guess, I had each person who refused to follow us killed, and the village burned to the ground to prevent anyone from leaving our group in hopes of backtracking to a familiar place. This seemed to be expected by the dark elves, but the look of horror on the faces of my siblings as I gave the orders to put close to thirty people to death was one I will not soon forget.



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