Legacy of the Forlorn

Shadow of Death

I almost lost both of the people I love most.

We were having dinner when we were informed of the attack. Treerazor had returned! I always knew the day would come when I and my family would have to confront Treerazor. I have pictured it, dreamed it, prayed and prepared for it. I was not ready now. Still, we sprang to action and all began readying ourselves for the coming fight. Thankfully our aunt the queen was visiting and her powerful presence was reassuring. Before we left however, we received word that our keep at Sunder Point was also coming under attack. It was decided that we would go to Sunder Point while Father and our aunt would intercept Treerazor. Before we left I asked Coreena where she wanted to go. She informed me that she wanted to stay. I wanted to her to come with us. I should have asked her to come, but I knew that she needed her independence.

When we arrived at Sunder Point we were confronted by warriors infused with the black liquid used by the dark elves. This confirms that our two worst enemies are allied. After dispatching them we found a giant bearing Treerazos black ax attacking the keep trying to destroy it. I tried several enchantments to try and dissuade the stupid brute but it kept shrugging off my spells. Thankful Lor’Athron was able to get through and influenced the beast to stop attacking and retreat. Why was it attacking our keep? Palanon’s observatory is the only thing I can think of. Could my brother’s research be a threat to our enemies? We checked to make sure that Brightglade and Riza were okay and then returned home. That’s when the real terror began.

When we returned we were informed that father and the queen had gone to the front to participate in the fight. We found both Sylthas and Drekoth recovering from battle. I tried to see to Drekoth’s wounds but they were not serious and would mend on their own. During this time we heard the sound of one of the elf gates activating but thought nothing of it at first. Then it dawned on us that only our family can activate the gates and we were all accounted for. Dread and frustration filled me as I knew than it could have only been Coreena that activated the gate. Why did she choose that time to reveal who she was? Why? This impatience and rashness must be a result of her human side. We talked to a guard who confirmed my fears that our “scout” had gone through. My family’s eyes fell upon me as they began to realize Coreena’s ties. I stated that we had no time to discuss this and we all rushed foreword to the gate to the front line of the fight.

We had not long arrived when we heard Coreena scream. I do not now how she screamed or how I knew it was her, but when I heard the sound I was frightened beyond belief. We ran towards the sound and found Coreena running from some unknown attacker. Before I could call out, a tentacle reached and grabbed her by the ankle. Time froze as I watched her fall and being drug away. Her attacker appeared then, some hideous mass the likes of which I have never seen. At that moment nothing else mattered but saving my daughter. I grabbed by bow and began firing. My rage worked against me however as my shaking hands threw off my aim and none of my arrows hit. Thank Erastil the creature chose to attack us instead of finishing off Coreena. My family soon dispatched it and I ran forward to Coreena to tend to her wounds. By then she was up and leaning against one of the rock walls. I was filled with so much rage and frustration I was shaking. Not only did she run off and reveal our relationship but she also nearly got herself killed. Once I got to her however, all I could do was cry. Blood was pouring out of her mouth and she was covered with cuts and broses. I tried to tend to her but she brushed me away. Her wounds thankfully were not serious and would heal. We didn’t have long to rest as we wanted to find our father and the queen. Amaras said that their tracks ran to the south but Coreena steeped forward and indicated we should go north. Amaras was beginning to argue and I was worried he was going to attack (it takes so little to set him off anymore, its like traveling with a dangerous beast). Thankfully Amaras began to smell the air and said the he smelled a pleasant scent to the north reminding him of the creature that guarded the cave when we were transported into the wolves. We soon agreed that we would head north as only father or the queen could summon such a powerful creature.

We didn’t travel long when we found them fighting Treerazor. We have heard tales of Treerazor since we were children. We have heard the tales of its prowess and read about the battles in which it fought. We have seen artist’s paintings and even stain glass windows showing its figure. All are but shadows to the real thing. Only when I was in the lair of Cyth Vsung have I ever been so scared. His gigantic form loomed over us like something out of a nightmare. Our aunt was standing before it in deep concentration. Our father lay on the ground beside her either unconscious or dead and a Lilliend like the one in the cave flew about Treerazor attacking like an angry wasp.

As we approached our bodies immediately erupted in pox and boil much like when we entered the lair of Cyth Vsung. Thankfully our condition didn’t actually sicken us, however we soon realized that holding this contagion at bay was what was requiring so much of our aunt’s concentration. We saw that the condition affected our father much worst and that he didn’t have much time. Nevarre rushed forward and, with some help of Lor’ Athorns magic, was able to gain the ability to fly father to safety. Treerazor summoned another one of the blasphemous creatures we encountered earlier but we kept it at bay long enough to save father. As we were tending to him, there was a blinding flash and Treerazor and the Liliend disappeared. Even the queen did not know what happened. Treerazor’s ax remained however. The queen thought in might be wise to take this opportunity to claim it, but we convinced her that it was more then likely a trap and she teleported us home.

Our troubles did not end however. Though father was no longer affected by Treerazor’s contagion, he was still in a feverish coma and would not let go of his staff. We were informed by Hialin that fathers staff might actually be the cause of the condition as it actually originated from the void. He also informed us that there was strange supernatural activity occurring in our estate once again. Vanya and Amaras went to investigate, and using Amaras’s heightened senses, lead us to the elfgate where we encountered Bealin (I do not understand this myself). He informed us that father’s soul was being drained away and that the only hope he had was for us to try and urge it back. So we all called to father in our own way, telling him how much we needed him. I recounted the story of how he saved me from the viper and how he now has a granddaughter he needs to get to know. By Erastil our love was enough to bring him back. He opened his eyes and dropped the staff and he was with us again.

Everyone now knows who Coreena is. This wasn’t the way I wanted to tell them but now it is out. I don’t expect anything to change. I know it was foolish to keep her a secret, but I still fear her becoming a target of our enemies. I have seen the face of our enemy now. I saw how it nearly killed her as well as my aunt and father, the two most powerful people I know. I pray tonight for guidance as for the first time, I’m unsure of how we can win.



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