Legacy of the Forlorn

On the Mark

Journal of Lor’Athorn Edasseril
Entry the Fifth

Alchemical Breakthrough: None, though we did run into Vague Harith, and learned of his research into gunpowder. I am both wary and intrigued by this development. I find, however, that alchemists need no assistance in causing explosions.

Our trip to Daggermark was a curious affair. We had reason to believe that we had a traitor in our court, so we wanted to be careful about obscuring our plans so as to fool the potential traitor. However, we didn’t do much to cover our tracks. Thankfully, it appears we weren’t ambushed by anyone notified by the traitor, but I still wonder if they knew we were coming. More on that later.

We were tasked, incidentally, with two objectives by our advisors. One was to deliver a message for Phos, and the other to retrieve an errant elf from an assassin’s guild for Hialin. We wondered about the nature of these requests in relation to the traitor, but we had no time to sit and wonder about a puzzle for which we still did not have all the pieces. As such, we set off.

We ran into some charming brigands on the way, and dispatched them handily. I find that this must be what a welcome party in the River Kingdoms must be like. It was almost astonishing how apologetic and cooperative the surviving brigands were. It is, perhaps, a testament to the adaptability of the human-orc half breed. Even honor and pride are to be sloughed off like the skin of a snake, if it will help them from one day to the next. This is not an entirely undesirable trait, though the reliance on violence and thievery is.

On arriving to Daggermark, we discarded our criminals, and I can only deign that Elensar did as he deigned necessary. Soon, we found a more reliable guide in a bright young urchin. He took us to an inn, and gave us reasonable assurances that we would not be attacked. He was, perhaps, the most trustworthy person for leagues, so we decided to take his advice. Asking about a task given to us by Phos, we were lead to Vague Harith, an associate and contact of Phos. We had only to follow the sound of an alchemist’s success, and the smell of an alchemists failure.

Finding him to be dabbling in experiments somewhat disturbing even when compared to those of Phos, we decided to do two things. One was to persuade him to come with us if it was possible, and two was to speak with his mistress. As it happened, his mistress and benefactor was the head of the assassin’s guild, and in effect the leader of Daggermark.

After some protests and discussion, we decided to see this guild mistress Smilos. We found her most agreeable, as one of her station surely must be. It is no surprise that the dirty and uncouth human city still had a pecking order, and some semblance of decorum. Accordingly, Lady Smilos was willing to work with us. We wanted to get to Risa and retrieve the elf Dekash who was in her “care”. She wanted to be rid of cultists who were making her rule difficult.

Our goals were ultimately parallel. We decided to help in exchange for Lady Smilos’ cooperation and return of the elf. I was also able to sneak in the tutelage of Vague Harith, through which I hope to influence this black powder weapon. Still, of more import was the road before us. We were about to confront Risa, and learn precious little of her goals and alliances.

For now, I end these writings, to reflect on the confounding, but somewhat illuminating events yet to occur.



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