Legacy of the Forlorn

My First Fight


Well my homecoming was more entertaining than I had originally planned. Once I had settled in we, my siblings and I, were to have a birthday dinner with my father. The meal was prepared by Phos and it was magnificent, the artistry and time that went into the presentation of the meal was beyond anything other than a meal at the palace. Specialized dishes created for each of us as well a main course of roasted meat that was to die for. During dinner father asked us each what we had been doing since we all saw each other last. As I had expected my sister and brothers did not know of my calling into the service of Calistria, which caused a short outburst from my sister. She seems to have spent too much time in the company of the lesser races and seems to think that the services that I provide in the name of Calistria are to be vilified. Most of my siblings seem to have spent a great deal of time in Greengold, in some cases actually taking care of human children. My brother Palanon on the other had spent his time writing a book, and not just any normal book. He seems to be the first person in some time to be able to write prophecy. He handed each of us a copy of the book and seemed to think that the whole thing should have made sense, when in fact most of it was riddles and gibberish. The only reason I know it to be a book of prophecy is due to what followed his gift of the book to us all.
Father in his reading came across a passage that referred to a name that mother used to call him by. This sent him into a foul mood that was sooner compounded by the arrival of Faunra, the new military advisor following Amrune’s death. She announced that a shambling mound had been seen approaching Greengold. This sent father into a rage, he announced that he would be leaving to deal with this issue and commanded Phos to get his staff of power from the 4th level of the library, a restricted section that very few people can access. During this time one of my siblings said we would accompany father on this task, something I felt at the time was a foolish gesture, but not wanting to appear weak and afraid in front of my siblings I also chimed in that I would go too if father wanted us to join him. He accepted the request of us and we were told to meet him near the fountain in the central courtyard as soon as possible. With this, I went to gather my things, since I had a feeling that we would not be protected from harm by father’s mere presence.
Upon arriving at the fountain, I was surprised to see all my siblings gathered, and ready for battle, they really looked like a bunch of heroes. At that moment I realized I was sister to a bunch of suicidal adrenaline junkies, who wants to be a hero and purposely throw themselves into the line of fire. Father gave a brief lecture as to the nature of the shambling mounds and then talked about how we were to travel to Greengold. There is an Elfgate that is tied to the blood of our line in the fountain. There are nine portals to different regions. Three are in the Tanglebriar, two are outside the boarders of Kyonin, and the other 4 are within the forest, one of which leads to the Petrified Forest. Father told us that all we need to do is place our hand in the water then speak the name of the location to which we wish to travel. Each of us did this in turn, appearing in a moment surrounded by the trees of the forest.
Once we arrived we were met by a scout that seemed to be surprisingly taken with me. I have had this effect on many men and usually have time to fully explore and develop this fascination, maybe in time I will see him again and see how deep his passion flows. He gave a brief summary of the location that the shambler was spotted and then was sent away. Father, using his abilities as a druid was able to track the location of the shamblers, he mentioned something about the sent that they left in their passing. Following this “trail” we came to a clearing with a dead white stag in the center. Such a rare creature killed in such a manner was troubling to both Mirrianna and Amaras. Father conducted a review of the body, as did my siblings, and came to the conclusion that a shambling mound had killed the beast. A slick film covered the body and we were told that sometime shamblers will do this to infect scavengers who consume the flesh of fallen victims. With that we noticed the howling of wolves, not typical howls in the night but something tinged with more pain and agony, and it was getting closer to our position. With that Navarre directed us to surround father and be ready to fend off the attack. Everyone seemed to know their place except for me, and I tried to focus on the training provided by the sisterhood for self-defense. Finally, after what felt like an eternity the maddened wolves burst from the underbrush. Holding my ground they charged at the flanks of our group. Holding steady I waited, as I was taught, for the opportune moment to strike. As the beasts closed in with gnashing teeth I let fly an arrow, that was surprisingly true. It struck one of the beasts in the foreleg, passing through the flesh and lodging itself into the chest of the creature. What followed after was a blur. There are flashes of memory were I ran and hid, followed by an attack at the rear of an unaware wolf. More than one beast fell to my attacks that day, and I now know why my instructors said that you need not have power to kill if you know where to strike.
After the conflict father said he was extremely proud of our abilities, and I received a small amount of praise from my siblings for my actions. I was actually hoping for some time to rest at this point but father had us press on toward Greengold. Upon reaching a road that connected Greengold with another town father lost the scent of the shambler. With that he took off into the sky as a great owl, leaving us alone on the road. Some time passed before anything of note happened. As we were huddled at the side of the road, paranoid that the shambler would sneak up on us, we spotted a light on the road. As it approached my siblings relaxed as a group of merchants advanced on our position. I guess they have had dealings with these humans in the past and notified them of the danger. With that the merchants started a mad dash toward Greengold, the wagons in their caravan rumbling loudly with occasional cries of fear from the passengers within. As the last of the wagons passed us a twist of fate blessed us with a warning. A sound none of us should have been able to hear warned us that we were not alone on the road again as the last wagon passed out of sight. Turning way from Greengold and looking back down the road once again we saw the monster. It was a huge mass of darkness with the lack of light and distance from us. With that we started a retreating action, moving back in an organized manner while firing what ranged weapons we had at the beast. Our attacks seemed to have little individual effect but our combined efforts were enough to bring it to a halt. During the fight I was in such a panic that I used alchemist fire on a nearby tree to alert father, who was flying a search pattern over the forest , of our predicament. I figured a large fire in the night would be the perfect signal that we were in trouble. I later received quite the sermon from my brother Amaras about this attack against nature.
Upon fathers return we discovered a problem. It appeared that there were actually two shambling mounds in the forest. The stag that was slain had broken off its horn in the attack that ended its life, and this mound showed no signs of being in a fight with the stag. At this point father fall into what I consider a panic. He was irrational and angry, not using the logic he has shown on so many occasions but instead letting fear and anger drive his actions. We tried plumbing our minds for the area that a second shamble would have gone and only came up with two possible areas, a memorial to my mother Rillana, or some druid thing that Aramas knew about that was nearby. After some heated debate we agreed to go to the location that was closest, which was my mother’s memorial. Upon arriving, father having transformed into an owl again leaving us behind in his haste, we saw father unleash the power of the staff upon the shambling mound. It was destroyed in a storm of ice and hail. It appears to have been digging up the memorial looking for something. We all assumed that since my mother had been killed by shambling mounds that there was nothing located here, but father said that they had buried a shield in this location, something that she used to train with from time to time. Inscribed on the inside of the shield were the names of Elensar, Navarre and I. A constant reminder of what my mother was protecting. And with that we went to Greengold to ensure the merchants had arrived safely.
Upon arriving we were greeted by this merchants, Varisians they call themselves, as conquering heroes. They gathered around us all and sang our praises. One of them even gave us a gift of a pair of magical elven boots. Boots which my siblings in turn suggested that I use during our further adventures. I must admit that this experience was exhilarating and I am looking forward to our next “adventure”.



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