Legacy of the Forlorn



For many years, I have enjoyed the power, privilege, and benefits that come from being one of the Divine Courtesans of Calistria. I had found my place in the court and had a wonderful life, although it was at times hard, especially with the extensive training that I was subjected to during the early years. My time at court was very enjoyable and I was able to see many of the most influential people in the realm on a regular basis. Talking about politics and social changes was so entertaining, as such, political intrigue always did charge my imagination and creative flair.
Alas, my nights of parties and social events are now at an end. I have been recalled back to the home I left so long ago. My father recently came to court and demanded that I return home, in addition to my other siblings who have been sequestered here in the royal household (a fact I was not aware of, as they have never been present at any of the parties). I had thought that my position would protect me from such a demand but I was in for quite the shock when the Matron Mother said I would in fact be returning to my childhood home. So in a stately manner I collected my things, taking only as much time as needed (which was quite more then I should have in all honesty) and said good-bye to all the wonderful men and women I had the privilege of meeting over the years, spending time enjoying their hospitality before leaving the capital (I only spent at most a week in any given household, father cannot be upset at such a short good-bye). Instead of traveling directly, back to the estate, I elected to take a quiet and peaceful journey about the forest, stopping at various villages and cities, connecting with old companions who also trained in the guild house during the time I was staying there. Catching up on old times and relaying stories of how court politics have progress over the decades was the talk of the day in most cases.
Once I arrived home, I found out that, Amrune had passed away again and that the estate was in the middle of a mourning period. It was not as if she was going to be dead forever, she always seems to come back after a short period of time, something about the brightness and becoming all she can be. It has just struck me as a desperate plea for attention from my father, as he is getting married yet again as well, just not to her. They really should have had a more physical relationship but I suppose that is also part of her trying to be all she can be.
Instead of stopping in to see my siblings right away, I decided to go talk with father, as I was sure he would be upset at the delay of my return. Much to my surprise, he was not upset, but he was also not happy. He seems to be slipping further and further into a depression. Maybe this new wife will be good for him, get him out of this depression. He greeted me warmly and told me how happy he was that I was home, and asked if my other siblings had been sent back with me. I had to respond that I had returned alone and once again, he sunk into his depression, losing the light that briefly light his face. During a large gathering of my siblings and I we were each given a gift for our name day, mine being a wonderfully crafted Rapier made of cold iron, I was given an extensive history on the weapon, which I promptly forgot as it was very boring, but did remember the name, Sirens Call. Supposedly, it was once magical, but our weapons never lose their magical power so I have a feeling that the whole thing was a con, maybe he purchased it from one of those humans Elensar is always going on about during our conversations.
I have been spending some time getting my self reacquainted with my old home. Finding all the old hiding places that used to be my special spots as a young child, while also seeking out new contacts at the homestead, since this is now going to be my place in the world it seems. While being one of the only courtesans in the area I feel it is still my sacred duty to provide the joys of life to those that need to feel the fires of life course through their bodies, the passion that can only be fueled, never extinguished. I meet people and suggest they seek a divination from the Matron Mother and see if our time together would be in benefit to him, her, or the church.



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