Legacy of the Forlorn

Decent into Darkness


We have been tricked or betrayed, either way the end result is that we are now trapped in the darklands. Falcon sacrificed himself, betraying Kestral and us, using his final wish to send us here to die. We awoke to find ourselves in one of Falcons old hideouts I am guessing, as it has a number of journals of his here, as well as clothing and other items that may on to survive in this land.

One of the more interesting things about this hideout is that it is a lone piece of rock out in a lake of the black blood. A foul alchemical mixture that causes those who come in contact with it to change slightly. My siblings have been trying to determine a way to cross the lake, with the most accepted means being that of a boat being fashioned out of stone.

I for one was not comfortable with the idea of crossing the lake on something that normally sinks into water, but it appeared that the black blood was more solid then liquid, as the stone move across it much like a raft would water. Amaras turned into a large bat to pull us across the lake, as there was no means of propelling the stone raft otherwise.

About half way across the lake we heard something, a cross between a scream and a roar, at it appears that we violated the space of some creature that lived in the black blood. Pushing Amaras to continue his track across the lake with all haste, we finally reached the shoreline. I had the idea to use some of the scented soaps that I carry with me when out on these little adventures to lure away whatever was now following us. Coating the raft with a thin layer of the soap, it was pushed away from the shore and spells set it in motion back out into the lake. We headed the other way, moving away from the sounds made by our pursuer. In our trek across the lake, Amaras spotted a domed shaped structure at the edge of the lake, and that was where we headed to both gain our bearings and rest after crossing the lake.

When we finally reached the structure, it was one of many in the area, most covered by a softly glowing mushroom. Avoiding the fungus we made our way into the structure, only to find that it had been used in the past by other groups, maybe a way station of sorts as there was an old fire pit, and some hidden supplies marked with a strange symbol. Against my better judgment we avoided opening the cache of goods, and instead made camp. Now I should mention that before we left the hut, I took a great deal of effort to hide our heritage, using makeup and other effects to change the appearance of myself and my siblings to match the traits that I had seen in the dark elves we had encountered on the surface. This precaution became important much sooner than I had anticipated when a group of dark elves came to the structure seeking shelter in much the same manner that we had.

I took the initiative and spoke with them, as I had spent a good deal of time studying our enemy in the past, learning something of their language and customs. Also lying comes as easily to me as breathing, which is not something I can say for my siblings. It took a short amount of time to convince the other group to stand down and accept our authority, as we had the stronger party. It was during this exchange that we became aware that the creature that was in the lake had attacked and killed a number of their trading caravan, leaving these survivors scrambling to find safety.

Seeing an opportunity, I offered the services of my siblings as protection in exchange for a guide to the city they came from, saying our guide has also perished in the depths for being foolish and not following orders. Striking a bargain, the would be leader of the group accepted our offer and joined his group with ours, submitting to my authority.

It was only a few hours later that we left that location and started moving out toward the city of Zaknikernin. I came to discover through intimidation and coercion that the trip to the city would take weeks, as the cave networks were both treacherous and winding. Moving at a steady pace we made good time, but it was only after a few hours on the road that we encountered our first challenge, as a group of creatures attacked us. It took my siblings little time to make short work of the creatures, a welcome change of pace from the usual, as the speed with which they killed the attackers truly did secure my position with the new dark elves. If we had taken too long to kill the attackers, I do not think that our guide would have been as helpful as he was during our long trip.

Creatures were not the only challenge we faced in our journey, as the caves themselves seemed to be alive, and attempted to kill us on more than one occasion. Both a rockslide and a flood nearly claimed our lives, the flood actually taking some of the dark elves by surprise, one being our guide who was distracted by the sound of a roar as the flood came crashing down the tunnel. It was at this point that the remaining dark elves decided to try their luck and attack us to steal our weapons. This did not work out in their favor. Seeing as now we had no means of locating the city alone, we went downriver to see if our guide was still alive. Locating him took a bit of work, and we were not the only thing tracking him, as the beast from the lake was also moving in to consume the injured dark elf.

Appealing to the need for our own survival, my siblings saw the logic in saving the dark elf and managed to chase away the beast. I really do them too much credit in this respect, the beast was not chased away, rather it found the dead bodies of the other elves and ate them while we ran. Managing to escape the creature we nursed the guide and his sister back to reasonable health, and he swore a blood oath to serve us as a loyal house servant from this point forward. I accepted his oath, and indoctrinated him as a bound servant to the house of Edasseril. While this was a good move for me and my siblings, the ramifications of this act would not become apparent for some time, the consequences of which still tear at my soul.



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