Legacy of the Forlorn

A Terror in Whitefall Glade

The Journal of Navarre Edasseril
Entry 2

A short time has passed since my last entry … weeks, I believe. We received no real feedback from father in regards to the situation he asked us to handle. I suppose he is still considering all of the choices we made. He was summoned to the capital to meet with his sister, our queen, not long after we returned. We were once again put in charge of governing the land; however, things were quite tranquil as they tend to be here. That tranquility was not destined to last long though.

My siblings and I were summoned together for another meeting by our advisors. At the time I was finishing a training session with the Undying Wolf and at the end of the lesson she said something strange to me … she said, “Navarre, your greatest challenge will be allowing your siblings to protect themselves”. I know that that will be a challenge I must face, but it seemed strange that she chose that moment to tell me; it made me wonder if she knows something that she isn’t telling. She went on to tell my brothers and sister of their great challenges to come, but I was too lost in what she said to me to understand what she had said to them. I don’t yet know how I feel about that statement.

Soon Phos was there telling us that the Gnome we had dealt with previously had gifted us two casks of ale made with the hallucinogenic plants he had been cultivating. Phos told us that he wanted one cask for his own “experiments”. I did not care one way or the other, but my younger siblings had a short squabble before allowing him to have it. I would have given him both but, it turned out to be quite fortunate that he only took one.

A group of Dwarven entertainers came to visit and “gift us” with their particular brand of opera. It was certainly not a type of opera that I am used to, and I tried to find the beauty in it, but it was difficult to find. Regardless, long hours and a few glasses of wine later and it had ended. We retired for the evening.

Just as I was waking that next morning, a messenger came to inform me that my presence was being requested in Phos’ personal quarters. I dressed quickly, took my sword and shield, and arrived to find the rest of my siblings were also being gathered. Phos waited for all of us to arrive, he looked rather ill the whole time. He informed us that he had consumed most of the cask of hallucinogenic ale last night and that he had experienced a prophetic dream, or possibly nightmare. He told us that he saw two old friends of his and that they were in some terrible danger. He asked us to investigate the situation because he had a strong feeling that he did not experience a dream, but some kind of vision. I was not impressed by this and thought it would be ill advised to send the remaining governing body out into what was believed to be harm’s way because one of our advisors was suffering from hallucinations. Phos went on to explain that he felt he couldn’t ask anyone else to take on this task without looking like a fool and that he truly felt his friends were in danger. My siblings spoke about whether or not they thought they should go … I said nothing, knowing that if they decided to go that I would stay by their sides. They decided to help Phos.

We began our journey to Whitefall Glade where Faunra and Quais made their home. The place was actually quite beautiful. It is always nice to have the chance to travel and see new and beautiful places; however the enchantment of that beauty did not last long. We came to their modest home and found the door badly damaged. We called out to see if anyone was inside, but there was no response. Elensar went in to investigate, I stayed outside to watch for whatever may be lurking outside. I heard some talking between my siblings going on inside, but soon I found myself beset on all sides.

The creatures were terrible; they resembled wolves, except that they seemed to be made from plant material. They had a way of blending into their surroundings that was far beyond the capability of any natural animal that I have ever seen or learned of. By the time I could see the creatures, they were almost already upon me. There were at least four of them and though I was able to defend against most of their attacks, one of them managed to bite my ankle … it hurt, but more than that the bite transferred something to me; I felt instantly sickened as if I had come down with a fever. We defeated the monsters, and as we hacked them apart we found that the things were not only made of plant material, but their insides also contained what seemed to be natural blood and flesh. I asked Amaras for some kind of explaination as to what they might be, but he had never seen anything like them.

My siblings informed me that they had found Faunra, unconscious in the house. They were able to rouse her and she told us that Quais was missing, but might be found in a nearby cave. We traveled that way, though the going was difficult for me now as I was feeling so sick. Eventually, we arrived at the cave she spoke of. Inside, we encountered more of the beasts, but some of them were different, a few were shaped like small elvannoids and throwing spears at us. Soon after combating these things, the largest and most terrible monster I have ever seen came skulking from the shadows. The creature was shaped almost like a stag, but it was like the others … an abomination. We threw Phos’ Alchemist Fire at the beast as it charged; the fire damaged it, but did not stop it. I was able to absorb the brunt of the attack sustaining only a bruise, but immediately afterwards, it vomited or possibly exhaled some manner of infectious spores upon myself and Mirrianna. I was able to avoid the spore’s harmful effects, but Mirri was not as lucky. Fortunately, the fire damaged the beast badly enough that we were able to make short work of it in melee combat. Mirri quaffed a potion that Phos had given her, and the spore’s harmful effects were ended.

With the combat over, but adrenaline still running high, we found Quais trapped near an enormous mushroom that was exuding the same spores the beast had set upon us. With no time to waste, I took and held in a deep breath, waded into the spores and pulled Quais out of further danger. Mirri administered one of the potions to him, and we gathered together outside of the cave while Lor’Athorn burned the mushroom down with his magic. We felt that thing might have been the root cause of these unnatural creatures, unfortunately, we had no idea what might have created it.
Once safe and away, Faunra and Quais showed us their thanks by giving wonderful gifts to each of us. I received an incredible shield that will allow me to make even greater use of it in combat.

In closing, I must say that I am amazed that Phos’ hallucination turned out to be prophecy. I just hope that no one attempted to take advantage of the situation we left at home.



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